Hughes And Hughes Enjoying Rugby Success

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Providence College’s success in qualifying for the USA Rugby DII Men’s College 7s championships was celebrated in Rhode Island, but also had a few fans around the country cheering as well.

One of those was the captain of the USA Men’s 7s team. Madison Hughes may still be a student at Dartmouth, but he’s also a Providence College fan, and that may be because his younger brother, Cameron, plays center for the Friars.
Brothers proud of each other – Cameron, at left,
with Madison at the Serevi RugbyTown 7s. Below, a united team, Providence College will go to 7s nationals this year. Cameron Hughes Madison Hughes

“I am proud of him and what they’ve done,” said Madison Hughes. “He’s worked really hard at both his academics and rugby, and I am really pleased to see him do well.”

The two brothers talk often, but keep the conversation light when it comes to the sport they both love.

“I let him get on with it,” said Hughes elder. “He’s got enough on his plate without me chirping in his ear.”

Cameron and Madison, who both qualify for US citizenship because their moth was born in Illinois, used to play together as youngsters, but went to different high schools in England, and have taken different paths since then, too.

“I take my rugby seriously, but I don’t see it was my career,” Çameron told Goff Rugby Report. “I love it. I love playing rugby for Providence College. But it’s not my end-game. Obviously Madison has been able to make it work for him and I am very proud of him.”

An accounting major at Providence, Hughes the younger said most on the team didn’t know his brother was on the USA 7s team. Eventually they found out, but thy then the sophomore had cemented himself as a key member of the Friars team. That’s just how he wants it. This past weekend, Providence played in the Holder Cup 15s tournament on Saturday, losing in the final, and then packed up to play in the Rugby Northeast 7s. They were soundly thumped in their opening match, but after that pulled things together to win the tournament.

“The big thing about us is we are a united team,” said Cameron. “We were beaten by Stonehill and we saw we hadn’t gotten our defensive system down. Then we just talked about it and said, let’s have fun together, but also play together. We did that, and we won.”

The brothers celebrated the win over the phone, as usual checking in with each other to see how their weekends went. But the big question is, does Cameron get up in the middle of the night to watch the USA 7s team play? Yes he does.

“Some of those 5am mornings are tough, but I enjoy watching the games,” said Cameron. “It’s a bit nerve-wracking because I want Madison to do well, but it can be scary.”

And Madison has been seen on the sidelines of Providence games – more last year than this – but keeps tabs on his kid brother.

“Cameron and I started our rugby pretty much together,” added Madison. “Playing in the garden at home. That we’ve both been able to keep playing and enjoying it is what matters.”